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Since I was a young boy, I've had to deal with an exceptionally weak membrane inside my nose, so I was plagued with constant nosebleeds.  In school, it was always embarrasing when my nose would suddently start bleeding without warning.  Nothing like an instant nosebleed to make you feel like a leper.  When I was on the swim team, it would happen without me realizing it, until a fellow swimmer or Coach would point it out.  Once during a doctor's visit a few years back, it suddenly started bleeding in the middle of a routine physical.  I was embarrased and wondered if he thought I had something serious going on.  He calmly applied pressure and offered to fix the situation by cauterizing the vessels right then and there.  I opted out; because as much as I'm not a fan of constant episodes of blood running out my nose and down my throat, I'm even less a fan of a fiery hot poker searing the inside of my nose.  Despite the Simpsons image above, I can honestly say it's not due to excessive mining for gold nuggets.  Lately it's proabably more due to excessive blowing of the nose, but alot of times I'll wake up startled when I feel my nose beginning to bleed in the middle of the night.  Truman encourages me to take a dap of Vaseline and rub it inside my nose.  I'm sure it's a good idea, but the thought of it sounds gross.  Plus I'd have to smell Vaseline all day.

So, today as I was taking a shower, and attempting to wash my hair with one hand while applying pressure to my nose with the other, I thought "wouldn't this be an awesome thing to post about?  People won't be grossed out, they'd be fascinated."  :O)

So, after the bleeding stopped, I made like Gene Simmons and coughed the blood clot-age out of my mouth. (Sorry, had to put that in).  I then decided to Wikipedia nosebleeds and found out these fascinating tidbits:

In anime and manga (Japanese-originating animation style), it is very common to see sexually/romantically-aroused characters suffering nosebleeds, sometimes intense ones. Sometimes referred as the Japanese Slapstick, this rarely occurs in real life, but is based on a Japanese "old wives' tale", which states that becoming sexually excited can cause nosebleeds.  The subject line is a Tricky song which evidentally refers to this thinking.

Attila the Hun, a legendary commander and the founder of an empire, is reputed by the contemporary historian Priscus to have died of a nosebleed after his wedding. However, the nosebleed only proved to be fatal as the blood ran down Attila’s throat causing him to choke to death. This occurred as a result of Attila the Hun being intoxicated and walking into a beam. The impact knocked the famous leader unconscious, and caused his nose to bleed. Ironically, his new wife watched him die, too terrified to call for help

It is uncommon to die from bleeding through nosebleeds.

I also learned about the "thumbs-up" method of applying pressure to stop a nosebleed.  It looks like doing an insult in sign language.

Remember, it's Wikipedia.  Don't take these statements as fact or cite them on your college paper.  However, that last tidbit's important, as it's comforting to think that I won't likely die from a nosebleed, even though I've never felt in mortal danger.

But maybe I'm constantly sexually aroused?  Aren't you glad I posted about this?


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