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I'm starting the process of de-cluttering my stuff and life possesions, including all my CDs. The decision is: keep the physical copy? or just rip & sell it?

First CD on the table: Come's "New Life Experience": Keep the physical copy or get rid of it? Opinions?

I'll post and update with my decision after a complete listen through the album.

In the meantime here's a little blurb about the record that I found on Matador's website:

What happens when half a band decides to call it quits, but the other half isn't quite finished?

Near Life Experience is Come's new record, its third for Matador. The record marks a series of firsts for the Boston-based band, formed in 1990. It's the first to feature 11 different musicians, it's the first recording that guitarists/singers Chris Brokaw and Thalia Zedek have made since drummer Arthur Johnson and bassist Sean O'Brien left the group in the summer of 1995, and it's also the first to feature Chris's lead vocals on two cuts.

Featured musicians include Bundy Brown (ex-Tortoise, Gastr Del Sol) on bass, Mac McNeilly (Jesus Lizard) on drums, Tara Jane O'Neil (Retsin, Sonora Pine, ex-Rodan) on bass, Kevin Coutas (Sonora Pine, Rachels, ex-Rodan) on drums, plus old pals Andy Bryant and John McEntire engineering.

Near Life Experience represents a step onward and upward for the band. Its hallmarks are brevity and variety; the songs are shorter, the whole record is shorter, Chris sings, various instruments are brought into play... there's a lot more going on here than a simple lineup change. Out of considerable disarray, Come has fashioned for itself its most entertaining work to date.

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The RPM challenge:

Record and mail an album within a month's time, either 10 songs or 35 minutes, or both.  Or you could really challenge yourself and write the album within that time.

It hasn't yet been udpated with 2009 information, but it sounds like it will still be in February this year.

Who else wants to do this? A listening party in March or April would be fun.


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